The cosmic couple

Parvati was transported from the comfortable palace of her parents to the chilly caves of the Himalayas. Henceforth these caves would serve as her boudoir. She had no regrets; she had chosen her path, and in her eyes everything was perfect. The faultless, brilliant peak of Kailasa was the place chosen by Shiva for his new abode. Close by was the scintillating lake called Manasarovar, or lake of the mind, where celestial damsels sported with their lovers. In these icy waters Parvati would bathe. She was enthralled by the austere beauty of her new residence. The lack of comforts did not put her off in the least. She was prepared for it. With her beauty and wit she conquered the heart of this great yogi, this strange ascetic whom she had married. She sported with him on the mountain peaks and slopes

of the Himalayas and bathed in the cold waters of the lake amidst the lotuses and the royal swans. She was as gentle and graceful as he was wild and forceful. Her soft and slow lasya, or woman’s movements, and his forceful and masculine thandava, or cosmic dance, together enraptured the entire universe. Her beauty inspired him to create all forms of art, song, and dance. He became master of all kalas, or art forms. They danced and made love to the vibrations of the universe. Wrapped in his arms she traveled on the bull Nandi across the skies. When it rained he took her above the clouds and when it was hot, he took her into caves. Thus aeons passed while the cosmic couple sported with each other on the​ peak of Kailasa and in various other celestial spheres. As time elapsed two demons were born into the world, brothers named Shumba and Nishumba. As a result of their tapasya, Brahma granted them the boon that they requested. They insisted that they should meet with death only at the hands of a woman. She should be a virgin, born of a part of Shiva, and she should be so beautiful that they would fall in love with her. Brahma agreed, and the brothers became so bold that they began to harass both gods and humans; they were quite sure that no such woman would be forthcoming. The gods went to Brahma and he in turn went to Shiva and begged him to create a woman who would be a part of him and extremely beautiful.

🕉 Namah shivay


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